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DISA Global Solutions - formerly SECON, offers a full-range of cost-effective services to help industries promote and maintain a drug-free environment. Our valued clients have access to a wide-range of services including TPA programs, a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) laboratory, Medical Review Officers, collection site management, on-site collections and cutting-edge training. All services are provided in accordance with state and federal requirements governing drug and alcohol testing.

Our Services

DOT Program Management

DISA offers a wide array of tools to address the unique needs of clients with employees regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). DISA offers Policy Development, Medical Review Officer, and Random Selection to ensure all requirements of DOT are met.

Internet Reporting

Confidentiality regarding employee drug and/or alcohol test results is the employers’ responsibility. DISA provides instant secure results retrievable from anywhere in the world.

On-Site and Contract Collections

DISA teams have provided collection services for a varied client base since 1982. This includes specimen collection, alcohol testing, and baggage searches.

Background Checks

DISA has partnered with a background screening company whose values mimic our own. We can provide accurate and timely information so you can avoid heedless hiring decisions.

Collection Site DOT Compliance Auditing

If you are an employer operating a DOT regulated drug and alcohol program, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all aspects of your testing program comply with DOT regulations. Have you fallen victim to a collection site that is unwilling or unable to follow the regulations?

International Drug Screening

DISA Global Services, through strategic partnerships with the world’s leading collection and laboratory providers, including the Alere group of companies, is able to provide a true one source for all international drug screening requirements.

K2 - Spice - Synthetic Marijuana Screening

DISA now offers the most economical, yet most improved screening tool for the detection of over 30 different synthetic cannabinoid compounds. Our internal lab can offer a screening result with a turn-around of 24 hours or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a negative drug test result?

Approximately 24 to 48 hours.

What does a dilute result mean?

A dilute specimen is a urine specimen that has a greater concentration of water than that of a normal urine specimen. Dilute specimens are generally caused by oral hydration of fluids and are usually more clear in appearance that normal urine. It is possible that a specimen could be dilute due to inadvertent over-hydration, several medications taken by the donor or existing medical conditions. However, it is also possible that the donor has intentionally over-hydrated, or water-loaded, to avoid the detection of presence of drugs in the specimen.

What is the difference between initial screening and confirmation testing at the lab?

The initial screening process at the lab separates the negative from non negative results. GCMS testing is an extremely accurate test that is completed on non negative results which provides quantitative results for the presence of a specific drug or drug metabolite.

Why are some people randomly tested more than once?

"Is the boss singling me out? I just did a random last month? Joe, never gets tested? I don’t think this thing is random at all!"

Those are not uncommon concerns among some safety-sensitive employees, and many employers have been challenged in court to demonstrate that their programs are truly random. The reality is that in a truly random selection process, a high probability exists that some employees will be selected several times while others may never be selected. Why? Because after each selection, the employee’s name is returned to the same pool, and he or she becomes just as likely as anyone else to be selected next time.

What are the retention times for drugs?

1 hour per unit/drink
2 - 6 days
3 - 8 days
2 - 14 days
Usually 2 - 4 weeks; however, single use may be undetectable after 5 days
3 - 7 days
2 - 7 days
2 - 6 days
2 - 5 days
2 - 6 days

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Questions or Comments? Give us a call at 1 (800) 256-3741 or use the form below to send us an email.


DISA Global Solutions, the parent company to SECON, has offices throughout the US that can help you with your employee screening needs. For more information on DISA’s offices, please click here.

Lafayette Office & Collection Site
Brandywine I Office Building, Suite 100
825 Kaliste Saloom Road
Lafayette, LA 70508
Phone: (337) 235-3712
Office Fax (337) 235-9505
Collection Site Fax: (337) 232-9995
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Houma Collection Site
1161 St. Charles Street
Suite B
Houma, LA 70360
Phone: (985) 580-4002
Fax: (985) 580-2233
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

DISA Global Solutions acquires SECON

November 1, 2017, DISA Global Solutions acquired SECON, a fully integrated, Louisiana based provider of comprehensive drug testing and specimen collection services.

Since 1981, SECON was a staple in the drug testing and specimen collection services industry. With nearly 1,000 Gulf Coast customers, exceptionally high customer loyalty, and several partnerships spanning over 10+ years this strategic acquisition allows DISA to expand our customer base in the Gulf Coast market, while securing a knowledgeable staff and strong support team.